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Suzie Dorner, ICU Nurse Manager, featured during Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl LV featured honorary captains such as Suzie Dorner, ICU Nurse Manager at Tampa General Hospital. She performed the pre-game coin toss.

When asked about her experience as a manager in an interview, she said "I was excited to finally be the leader on the unit.

"The thing I was most excited about was watching them develop into the best nurses they can be."

Dorner spoke about the challenges of working in the ICU during the pandemic.

"Caring for these patients is emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. We hit over 400,000 deaths due to COVID-19. It really changed the way we practice nursing and it put a lot more on our nurses. Families can't be at the bedside with the patients.

"It's the nurse that's there holding the patient's hand when they're passing away.

"It's the nurse that's there facilitating FaceTime calls with the family.

"It's really the nurses that are there the most."

On her selection as honorary captain, she said: "When I step onto the field on Super Bowl Sunday, I'm going to take a moment to recognize all the lives that we've lost to COVID-19 this year."

You can watch her entire NFL interview here:

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