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Celebrate Healthcare Simulation Week with the MCSRC

September 12- 16, 2022 is the fifth global Healthcare Simulation Week, celebrated annually to increase public awareness about the importance of simulation to healthcare and the education of health professionals.

In healthcare simulations, realistic environments and events are recreated to teach new skills, refresh old ones, and improve clinical judgment, communication and teamwork.

Healthcare Simulation Week, sponsored by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, celebrates professionals who use healthcare simulation to improve the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of healthcare delivery. New methods and technologies are emerging that present enhanced opportunities to improve care; as a result, it is an important field in which many healthcare professionals are finding a lifelong career.

As we celebrate this year's Healthcare Simulation Week, LNF is showcasing The Maryland Clinical Simulation Resource Consortium (MCSRC).

The MCSRC is a Nurse Support Program II (NSP II) funded initiative that aims to increase the quantity and quality of simulation in Maryland (MD). MCSRC is housed at Montgomery College, located in Silver Spring, MD, and serves all 28 nursing programs across the state.

Raquel Bertiz (Lead Faculty), Jasline Moreno (Lead Faculty), and Monique Davis (Project Director)

The program originated in 2015 and received a continuation grant in 2020. MCSRC is comprised of two faculty leads, Jasline Moreno and Raquel Bertiz; a program director, Monique Davis; and fifteen steering committee members.

MCSRC offers a comprehensive curriculum grounded in experiential learning, delivered over a three-day period, using the train the trainer model. Deans and directors of Maryland nursing programs nominate educators who meet established criteria. Nominations are accepted in the Fall of each year, and the courses are offered in the Spring.

Educators can enter the Train the Trainer courses at a Simulation Education Leader I (SEL I) or Simulation Education Leader II (SEL II) level. The SEL I course is designed for educators who have not received any formal training in simulation, and the SEL II course is designed for educators who have received some formal training in the past.

Educators transition from novice to expert level (Benner, 1984) in the pedagogy of simulation. After completing the initial Train the Trainer, participants are invited to participate in the Advancing Simulation Education Leader (ASEL) courses. The invitation are distributed via email at the beginning of the fall semester and classes are facilitated later in the fall semester.

As of January 2022, over three hundred nursing educators have completed the SEL training.

THE MCSRC also offers simulation workshops and serves as a host of an open access simulation library. Explore more on the MCSRC website:

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