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Celebrating 4 Years of LNF

Four years ago on February 4, 2019, was officially launched. Celebrate with us! Request your own LNF gift here:

When the site first launched, it featured information on the Resources and Career Pathways pages as well as a limited number of pictures of nurse educators and students.

Since then, we have updated and expanded the information in several places. Check out the added interactive features on our Pathways page, as well as our new and improved Resource pages! Our Mentorship and Career Explorer pages both received updates, and we have added the Importance of Diversity and Nurse Residency Program cards.

We also added even more improvements to the Career Portal! Registered LNF users can opt in to receive a weekly email with 5 job posts that may interest them, based off the information from their profile. Users can also receive an immediate update when any organization they follow posts a job or event. Don't miss out and sign up today!

We are proud to feature many more educators and students in the photos and videos throughout the site, representing 11 different nursing programs and healthcare organizations all over Maryland:

  • Salisbury University School of Nursing

  • University of Maryland School of Nursing

  • TidalHealth Peninsula Regional

  • Chesapeake College

  • University of Maryland Shore Regional Health

  • Montgomery College

  • University of Maryland, Shady Grove

  • Allegany College of Maryland

  • UPMC Western Maryland

  • Morgan State University

  • University of Maryland Medical Center

We want to tell even more educators' stories. Would you like to share your story with us? Continue to the second part of this Google Form below!

This project is only made possible by the continued support and funding of MHEC NSP II. We are grateful to all of our LNF team members at Salisbury University School of Nursing and the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC). We also send our thanks to the partners who helped create and launch this project, University of Maryland School of Nursing and Pinnacle!

Do you have feedback or suggestions for whose stories we should feature, or what resources we should add to the site before the site's fifth birthday? Your input is valuable to us, so email us at with any comments.

Our continued thanks to the entire Lead Nursing Forward community! Stay tuned for more coming site updates on our new Trending Now page or on any of our social media platforms.

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