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Happy International Women's Day!

Join us in celebrating women’s achievements today and all month for Women’s History Month.

As nurse educators, these women work hard to uplift the next generation of nurses and help lead nursing forward here in Maryland.

Find videos featuring these women's stories on our site and YouTube channel!

The Maryland educators above include:

  • Patricia Focht, BSN, RN

  • Nicole Smith, MS, RN, CNE, CHSE

  • Mary Pat Ulicny, MS, MHA, RN, CNE

  • Seon-Yoon Chung, PhD, RN, CNE

  • Teena Milligan, MSN, RN

  • Kasey Beckman-Sirk, MSN, RN

  • Sandy Clark, MSN, RN

  • Cynthia Hurly, MSN, RN, CMSRN

  • Deborah Clayton, MSN, APRN-CNS, PCCN

  • Heather Westerfield, DNP, RN, CNE, CMSRN

  • Sedonna Brown, MSN, RN

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