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Happy National "Just Do It" Day!

January 24th is National “Just Do It” Day! This day is meant to motivate us to do something new or finish that thing we’ve been procrastinating – big or small. Have you been thinking about becoming a nurse educator, but delaying the decision? Why not “Just Do It!”

If the process has been too daunting– is here to help!

You can find an introduction to the nurse educator career on the Career Explorers: Aspiring Nurse Educators page.

Check out some of our interactive resources on the Pathways page, including the new Road Map tool to find recommendations tailored to your current experience and education. Explore your own nurse educator adventure with our Pathways tool and learn about potential career paths you could pursue in a nursing program or healthcare organization.

If you are interested in pursuing a higher degree, consider one of the excellent nursing programs available to you here in Maryland by clicking the Education page. You can also look into potential scholarships on our Funding page. Scroll down for more links to federal funding and information on tuition reimbursement.

Not sure yet if being a nurse educator is right for you? Are you curious to hear more about a nurse educator's typical day, or to find out why a nurse educator loves teaching? Listen to some stories on our YouTube channel.

Finally, you can connect with fellow nurses and nurse educators on the Career Portal! Make connections with other site users, find relevant workshops and professional development events that help train nurses to become educators (such as Faculty Academy and Mentorship Initiative of Maryland and the University of Maryland School of Nursing Institute for Educators), and even start your job search for an open educator position - all in one convenient location!

Today is the day to "go for the bold adventure we have always delayed embarking on.”


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

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