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Justina Miles, Bowie State Nursing Student and Halftime ASL Interpreter Superstar CBS Interview

Don't miss this CBS interview with Justina Miles, Bowie State University Nursing Student and the first deaf woman to be an ASL interpreter at the SuperBowl during Rihanna's halftime show last Sunday. Her iconic performance stole the show!

Miles explains levels of deafness that are determined by an audiologist, and talks about her preparation efforts for the show. She shares how she wanted to showcase the art of Rihanna's songs. She memorized the lyrics and the beats so that she could sign while simultaneously move to the beats, allowing deaf viewers to SEE the beat through her performance.

"I was thinking, before like getting there, 'I just hope that I pop off on a big scale, I hope I reach a big scale for the Deaf community," Justina said.

If you missed the 20-year old's performance, (where she absolutely popped off on the biggest scale!) check it out below:

Miles' dream job is to be a performer and dancer, and she is also currently a nursing student at Bowie State here in Maryland. She wants make advancements for deaf nurses and provide better care for deaf patients.

"With nursing, my goal was to really pave the way for deaf people to become nurses, and like, help deaf people when they go into a hospital or wherever they need that access right there."

Justina's joy and effervescent energy are contagious in this morning interview. Don't miss it!

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