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LNF Summer Updates are coming your way!

We are excited to announce the latest updates to the LNF Career Portal! Sign up today to start receiving your own alerts, or sign in to adjust your settings on what emails you receive.

Weekly Job Alerts

Regular job updates will come to your inbox! Help us tailor these updates to you by adding to your skills and interests tags on your user profile. Toggle these emails on/off in your preferences (see more below).

Organizational Post Alerts

Automatic emails will come to your inbox when an organization you follow posts a new job! You can turn off this email setting in your preferences (see more below).

Expanded Post Formatting Options

Job and event posters, you can now format your posts with a rich text editor! You should be able to copy and paste your job's description and retain the formatting with this new system update.

Add tags to your posting to help them show up in users' job alert emails!

N.B. With this update, requirements will no longer be a separate input field, except for existing posts you wish to edit or update.

Adjust your Email Preferences

You can change what emails you receive from LNF by adjusting the Preferences in your settings:

To stop or start receiving the Weekly Job Alerts, check or uncheck emails regarding job posts that may be relevant to you.

To stop or start receiving Updates on Organizational Posts you Follow, check or uncheck emails regarding site activity.

Organizational Moderators and Contributors can stop or start receiving reminders about their posts by checking or unchecking automatic emails regarding posts you have created.

You can also click Unsubscribe directly in the email you receive to stop getting these alerts.

Are you signed up for updates, but not seeing them in your inbox? Check your spam/junk folders, and add to your Contacts to ensure the emails get through to you.

Content Updates

Did you miss some of the other updates to LNF this year? Check them out below!


Check out the new and improved Mentorship page featuring this montage on the value of finding a great mentor. Resources and information are available to aspiring nurses, new nurses, new nurse educators, and new nurse faculty.


We also added to our Pathways page to provide you some information no matter where you are on your career journey! Check out the brand new tool Is Teaching For You? and explore personalized recommendations with Discover Your Next Steps. Find out more detailed information about career options in nursing education with our original interactive Explore Nurse Educator Pathways.

Grow Your Nursing Career in Maryland

Find out about the many benefits of continuing your nursing education here in the state of Maryland from MHEC NSP II's Kim Ford!

Stay tuned for future updates!

Do you have feedback or suggestions for how we can improve the LNF site? Please let us know! Contact us at or 410-548-2079.

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