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National Thank Your Mentor Day: January 21

January 21st is National Thank Your Mentor Day! Every day, nurses advance the profession by guiding and advising others in their professional growth and development.

Since 2002, the month of January is celebrated as National Mentoring Month by organizations such as MENTOR National.

Nursing mentors make a difference every day in the lives of their mentees, as well as the lives of their mentee's patients.

Mentors are invaluable to nurses starting out in their career or making a change to another role, whether that might be a shift in their specialty, or advancing their career into a leadership position, or sharing their passion with new nurses through becoming an educator.

Take a moment today to celebrate the mentor(s) in your life! Let them know how appreciated they are.

Read more about the value of mentorship in nursing on LNF, or listen to a few nurse educators' experiences embarking on their new career path with support from their mentors:

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