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Nursing is the Most Trusted Profession for 22 years

It is no surprise that, for the 22nd consecutive year, nursing was rated as the most trusted profession in America by a Gallup poll conducted Dec. 1 - 20, 2023.

78% of people polled answered that nurses have high or very high rates of honesty and ethical standards. Behind Nurses, the highest rated professionals include Veterinarians (65%), Engineers (60%), Dentists (59%), and Medical Doctors (56%).

Nurse educators at institutions across the state of Maryland take pride in teaching their students proper ethics and morals to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. The continued dedication of experienced nurses passing these standards on and new nurses who take up the mantle is what allows the profession of nursing to remain at the top of this list for over two decades now.

Nurses, thank you for being professionals our nation can trust for 22 straight years!

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