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September 30th is International Podcast Day

September 30th is International Podcast Day! To celebrate, LNF wants to highlight a few podcasts that center around nursing and healthcare. Check out any of these great listening options below.

From the National Academy of Medicine, this 8-part series explores the practical strategies for for the nursing profession to advance health equity. They feature stories of frontline nurses and fellow health experts. These strategies reflect recommendations from The Future of Nursing 2020-2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity.

This podcast is for nurses involved in any health sector who wants to know more about creating a better future for all Americans through improved health outcomes.

Created in collaboration with the American Nurses Association and Johnson & Johnson, the See You Now podcast shines a light on real people changing the status quo in health, ranging from nurses working the frontlines and and nurse allies in politics, business, and tech.

Nurse economist and health technology specialist Shawna Butler hosts and guides meaningful conversations with nurses at the forefront of healthcare and innovation.

Hosted by Dr. Ali R. Tayyeb, the RN Mentor Podcast was developed with the goal of bring nursing mentorship accessible to you. The podcast brings you conversations with today's nursing leaders, elevating, and archiving the experiences of nursing.

With the goal of fostering connections between nurses to share experiences and figure out how to address nursing challenges together, Shift Talk is a podcast hosted by Nacole Riccaboni, board-certified RN and nurse practitioner.

The show provides insight into the challenges nurses face both inside and outside of the workplace, such as burnout, health equity, professional development, and more. You can explore this series and additional articles by topic on their site.

Launched in early 2015, The Nurse Keith Show offers weekly nursing career advice, information, and inspiration for nurses and healthcare professionals who want to take their careers to the next level. Hosted by Nurse Keith who has worked in a wide variety of clinical settings including community health and nursing education.

For new nurses and nursing students:

This podcast and its weekly blog covers topics to help registered nurses get through the challenging first year of nursing. Hosted by Kati Kleber, BSN, RN, CCRN and featuring experienced nurses from, the show covers topics and tips on the basics of that first year, such as orientation, time management, dealing with difficult patients and family members, and more.

Covering all aspects of nursing school, this podcast provides tips to help nursing students navigate their program. Various episodes focus on clinicals, medical-surgical, mental health, pediatrics, pharmacology, and women's health.

For the information discussed, every podcast episode includes a supplemental blog and quizzes; additional study guides and courses are available for a fee.

We hope you enjoy your International Podcast Day!

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