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Why I Decided to Pursue the CNE Certification: Dr. William Campbell

Dr. William T. Campbell, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, Professor of Nursing at Salisbury University, achieved the National League for Nursing (NLN) Certified Nurse Educator designation last year.

Dr. Campbell shared some of his thoughts with LNF on this process and what inspired him to pursue his CNE below.


Why I Decided to Pursue the CNE Certification

Many years ago, in a previous profession before nursing, I decided to pursue a professional national certification. I was successful and one of only a handful in the state to earn that distinction. It was a lot of work including submitting a portfolio of my work in addition to an exam, but it was worth it. I saw the benefit of professional elevation with my clients and colleagues, not to mention the marketing and PR advantage. The CNE with Nursing is similar.

An earlier CNE review course was not helpful, but the NSP II CNE Workshop very beneficial and is the reason I was successful on the exam.

Earning the CNE means:

a higher level of professionalism displayed with students, their parents, and fellow faculty, as well as a marketing advantage for the University.

Dr. Campbell has taught at Salisbury University since 1998. He has expertise in pediatrics, adult health, pharmacology, and nursing history. He is known for his innovative use of simulations in his Care of Children clinical course. He is widely published on topics related to the history of nursing and teaches a popular “History of Nursing” class.

Thank you to Dr. Campbell for your contributions to nursing education and congratulations on achieving this mark of excellence in earning your CNE!

Interested in pursuing your own CNE certification? The next NSP II workshop is coming up on February 8! As Dr. Campbell stated, this workshop is very beneficial and can help you be successful on the CNE exam as well.

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