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Happy Self-Improvement Month from FAMI and LNF!

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Are you a FAMI alum looking to expand your network and connect with other nurses and nurse educators in Maryland? With the newest Career Portal updates, you can do just that!

Sign Up

You can register an account for free, unlocking access to see all current job listings and events on the LNF Career Portal, as well as create a profile and connect with other users.

Let us know if you don't receive the verification email! You can reach us at or

Profile Badges

Add a badge to your profile letting others know your connection to groups like FAMI (Intro and Advanced), Cohen Scholars, and the Institute for Educators. Other LNF users and potential employers can search for you by this designation on the Career Portal.

Once you click the Edit Profile button (circled in the screenshot above), you can check any organizations you are affiliated with:

After you hit save, a badge should appear next to your name like the yellow one in the example above.

Connecting to LNF Users

There are a few places you can connect with other users! On the Career Portal, you can search for users by selecting the "People" filter at the top:

  • You can request to connect with others directly from this page!

  • Users receive a notification about these requests and can accept or deny requests.

Directly from the Messaging page, you can also search for others to connect with to message them. You can find your Messages in the Navigation bar, circled in the screenshot below:

  • On the Messages page, start typing in another user's name where it says "Add one or more users."

  • If you are not connected, it will prompt you to send them a connection request first:

Removing Connections

If there is someone you no longer wish to be connected with, you can remove the connection a few ways. Click a user's name to navigate to their profile, then click the ellipses next to "Connected" to remove the connection or report a user.

You can also control this from your own profile page. Click the Connections tab to see a list of all users you are connected with, and manage those connections with the ellipses displayed next to the user:

Please report any users you suspect to be spam, or if you are experiencing any kind of harassment.

Joining and Following Organizations

Want to keep tabs on any of your organizations? You can also do that on the Career Portal!

Follow any organizations right from the Career Portal, where you can hit the "Follow" button! Join your organization as a member if you want to post jobs/events. Search for your organization and then join it.


Any questions or comments? Please reach out to us any time at or on our office line at 410-548-2079!

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