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Happy Student Nurses Day!

In 1997, May 8th was designated as National Student Nurses Day by the American Nurses Association at the request of the National Student Nurses' Association. Join us in celebrating the next generation of nurses all across Maryland!

The image above features nursing students from the last few years at Maryland programs including: Chesapeake College, UMSON at USG, Towson University, Salisbury University, and Morgan State University.

Below you can hear the voices of some Morgan State University Nursing Students who graduated last spring. This video features Amayo Moore, Raquel James, and Ebonuha Efey from MSU:

"In those moments when it gets really hard, you need that drive and motivation and passion to push you." - Amaya Moore
"When I become a nurse, every time I go into a patient's room, I want to bring positive energy." - Raquel James
"Nursing school is not easy. You need to be focused, dedicated. You need to have a good support system." - Ebonuha Efey

The next generation of nurses are already doing incredible things and have unmatched passion and drive, as you can hear above. Another future nurse from Bowie State University, Justina Miles, was the ASL Interpreter at the Super Bowl Halftime show. In addition to her superstar performance, as a nurse she wants to advocate for the deaf community as a nurse, both for patients and future nurses who are deaf.

Are you a student nurse in Maryland who wants to share your story, or do you know a student who is going to make an amazing nurse you'd like to lift up and celebrate? Reach out to us at during this Nurses Month!

Thank you to the students nurses everywhere who are preparing to care for their communities!

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